Chiropractic Adjustment

Chiropractic Adjustment treatments offered in Portland, OR

Chiropractic Adjustment
Chiropractic Adjustment services offered in Portland, OR

A chiropractic adjustment can quickly and safely correct musculoskeletal misalignments that cause back, neck, and joint pain. Tim Gallucci, DC, and his colleagues at Premier Care Chiropractic in Portland, Oregon, excel in using chiropractic adjustment techniques as part of a comprehensive treatment plan. They provide the caring support you need to live a long, pain-free life and reduce your dependence on potentially harmful pain-relieving medications. Call Premier Care Chiropractic to learn how you could benefit from chiropractic adjustments or book an appointment online today.

Chiropractic Adjustment Q & A

What is a chiropractic adjustment?

Chiropractic adjustments correct musculoskeletal system misalignments and imbalances throughout your body, beginning with the spine. Your chiropractor uses various techniques to precisely realign the joints, vertebrae, and connective tissues, effectively relieving pain and improving physical function.

Chiropractic treatments are safe, drug-free, and non-invasive. Rehabilitation medicine experts and orthopedic surgeons worldwide recommend patients undergo chiropractic as a frontline treatment for many common musculoskeletal disorders and injuries.

What can a chiropractic adjustment treat?

Premier Care Chiropractic specializes in treating car accident injuries like whiplash. This occurs when your neck snaps back and forth forcefully and quickly, stretching or tearing the spinal tissues. Afterward, you may experience neck and back pain, stiffness, and headaches. Chiropractic adjustments manipulate and realign your spine, relieving whiplash.

Other conditions chiropractic adjustments can help with include:

Old sports injuries: No matter how long ago you suffered a back or neck injury, chiropractic adjustments can relieve your pain and stiffness.

Age-related degeneration: Aging takes a toll on the neck and spine. There are 23 shock-absorbent discs between your vertebrae that deteriorate over time (degenerative disc disease), getting drier, flatter, and harder. You might also develop facet joint arthritis, discs might herniate, and ligaments thicken. These problems can result in severe back and neck pain.

Preventive care: Even if you think your spine is fine, it’s a good idea to visit Premier Care Chiropractic for a checkup. For example, if you play golf, swinging the club puts significant pressure on your back. Any existing weakness or misalignment could give way when you play, resulting in a severe injury. You can prevent this with a chiropractic evaluation before playing.

What techniques do chiropractic adjustments use?

The primary chiropractic adjustment technique is high-velocity low-amplitude (HVLA) thrusting. Your chiropractor uses their hands to assess your back and applies a sudden, brief, controlled force that adjusts the spine so it aligns properly.

In addition to using their hands, chiropractors may employ specially designed instruments to complete chiropractic adjustments (instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization).

Chiropractic treatment is typically painless, other than any flare of discomfort you might feel during your exam. However, you may experience some soreness and fatigue after your adjustments. This normal consequence of realigning bones and tissues soon wears off.

If you’re suffering from a back ailment or a neck injury like whiplash, a chiropractic adjustment may be exactly what you need. Call Premier Care Chiropractic or book an appointment online today.