Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy treatments offered in Portland, OR

Massage Therapy
Massage Therapy services offered in Portland, OR

Massage is known for being relaxing and pleasurable, but it’s also a valuable treatment for many musculoskeletal conditions. Tim Gallucci, DC, and his colleagues at Premier Care Chiropractic in Portland, Oregon, deliver massage therapy with gentle, skilled care. You could benefit from massage therapy for back, neck, and joint pain and problems like headaches and stress. Call Premier Care Chiropractic to learn more about massage therapy or book an appointment online today.

Massage Therapy Q & A

What is massage therapy?

Massage therapy is a relaxing, hands-on treatment available at Premier Care Chiropractic. It’s very similar to the massage you’d get at a health spa but uses specialized techniques to relieve pain and improve function.

Receiving massage therapy is an excellent way to reduce stress and muscle tension. Chronic stress makes your muscles tense and leads to painful cramps or spasms. Massage therapy eases your physical symptoms and promotes feelings of well-being.

Massage therapists undergo a specialized training that ensures they can identify the parts of your body requiring attention and avoid damaging tissues or joints. Most patients find massage therapy an enjoyable experience that they often enroll in another session.

What conditions can benefit from massage therapy?

Premier Care Chiropractic uses massage therapy as part of a comprehensive treatment plan for many health problems, including:

  • Headaches
  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Joint pain
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Shoulder pain
  • Sciatica

Massage therapy can also help people with other kinds of health conditions, including chronic illnesses like diabetes or cancer and mental health problems such as depression and anxiety. Massage therapy could be a useful addition to a comprehensive treatment plan for these and other conditions.

Can I have massage therapy and chiropractic treatments?

Massage therapy and chiropractic adjustments combine very well. Receiving massage therapy before chiropractic treatment helps you relax and loosens the muscles, so your chiropractic adjustments are more effective. Massage therapy after chiropractic treatment also helps bring relief to your tissues and keeps your realigned vertebrae in the correct position.

Premier Care Chiropractic assesses patients individually to see how different treatments could help. They may recommend massage therapy and other treatments like acupuncture to boost your recovery.

What techniques does massage therapy use?

Massage therapists use a wide range of techniques, common ones being:

  • Swedish massage
  • Sports massage
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Trigger point massage

Some techniques use pressure to target deeper muscles and fascia (the connective tissue covering all your muscles). Others are more gentle and calming. Your Premier Care Chiropractic massage therapist selects the type of massage that best suits your needs during your consultation.

Call Premier Care Chiropractic or book an appointment online to find out how massage therapy could help you today.