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Chiropractic Knee Pain Treatment in Portland

Knee pain is a common symptom of a knee injury that may have been a result of a car accident or other traumatic situation. At Premier Care Chiropractic in Portland, Oregon, we frequently treat patients for knee pain and injury.

You may have sustained a knee injury if you have been in a car accident or other injurious event and are experiencing pain or discomfort when walking or extending your knee. Our providers may use advanced chiropractic care coupled with other treatment modalities to help treat your injury, induce healing, and alleviate knee pain.

If you are looking for chiropractic knee pain treatment in Portland, contact Premier Care Chiropractic or book an appointment online.

We Specialize in Chiropractic Knee Pain Treatment in Portland

Dr. Tim Gallucci founded Premier Care Chiropractic in Portland, Oregon, in an effort to provide comprehensive care for individuals recovering from auto accidents

By offering a range of comprehensive treatment modalities in one office, Dr. Gallucci and his colleagues work swiftly and efficiently to diagnose, treat, and alleviate pain from knee injuries. 

Knee pain can have a profound impact on everyday life and functionality. 

The professionals at Premier Care Chiropractic believe that individuals should not bear the burden of their knee injuries. This is why we are dedicated to helping individuals reclaim their lives from pain. 

Take the first steps toward a path of healing by scheduling a visit with one of the professionals at Premier Care Chiropractic today. 

Common Knee Injuries We May Treat

The following are just a few of the injuries that may be treated by chiropractic knee pain treatment in Portland. Speak with one of the chiropractic professionals at Premier Care Chiropractic today. 

Sprains and Strains

Knee strains and sprains may be common injuries involved in automobile accidents and sports. 

The medial collateral ligament (MCL) is a band of tissue that connects the thigh to the lower leg bone. When the knee is suddenly twisted or forcefully manipulated in one direction, the MCL may become strained or sprained. If you are in a car accident and your leg is pushed violently to one side or awkwardly bent, you might sustain this type of injury.

Chiropractic care may help stabilize the knee to avoid further injury, alleviate pain and inflammation, and promote blood flow to increase healing. 

Meniscal Tears

The menisci is a C-shaped pad of cartilage that sits between the tibia and the femur. It protects the lower part of our legs from the shock our body weight creates.. 

Meniscal tears typically happen when the upper leg is twisted while the feet remain planted and the knee is bent. These types of injuries may be common during car accidents when one or multiple impacts twist and rotate the knee in a way that is not built to handle. 

Soft tissue work, ultrasound therapy, and physical therapy are some chiropractic modalities that may be implemented to reduce knee pain and swelling non-invasively.


Tendonitis may occur when sudden and direct forces cause injury, swelling, and inflammation of the tendons. 

At Premier Care Chiropractic, we may use:

  • Manual therapy to improve mobility and reduce pain
  • Ultrasound therapy to encourage healing; and 
  • Electrical muscle stimulation to promote circulation and nerve activity

How Are Knee Injuries Diagnosed?

Pain from a knee injury may require an assessment of your medical history, a physical exam, and a review of your symptoms before diagnosing. The examination phase of your chiropractic knee pain treatment is vital to uncovering your source of discomfort. 

An X-ray or other diagnostic imaging procedure may be required to diagnose your condition and confirm the root cause and extent of damage regarding your injury.

chiropractic knee pain treatment Portland

Our Chiropractic Knee Pain Treatment Methods

Premier Care Chiropractic offers a variety of chiropractic knee pain treatments in Portland. We believe everyone has unique needs. 

To address your condition, we will meticulously investigate your symptoms before creating a treatment plan that may incorporate any of the following modalities.

Muscle Stimulation

As one of our gentle approaches to knee pain treatment, electric muscle stimulation or ultrasound uses electrical impulses to calm muscles, promote healing, and relieve tension. 

By increasing blood flow to the injured tissue, electric muscle stimulation may support healing and speed up recovery. It may also help alleviate symptoms such as pain and inflammation. 

Therapeutic ultrasound utilizes sound waves to gently vibrate local fascia and tissues. While increasing tissue relaxation, therapeutic ultrasound also promotes blood flow, scar tissue breakdown, swelling, and inflammation.

Gentle Mobilization

Mobilization, also referred to as manipulation, may help treat a range of tissue and muscle maladies by reducing pain, diminishing inflammation, and enhancing healing. 

During your mobilization treatment for knee pain, your chiropractor may gently move your knee through different ranges of motion. Light force may also be applied to:

  • Improve function
  • Increase range of motion
  • Increase circulation to the joints
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Relieve tight muscles
  • Decrease joint pain and muscle spasms
  • Encourage lubrication and flexibility inside the joint

Massage Therapy

During your chiropractic knee pain treatment in our Portland office, a licensed Premier Care Chiropractic massage therapist may use different massage techniques to supplement your treatment plan. 

From healing your soft tissues to reducing pain and inflammation, massage therapy is just another one of the effective treatment modalities we employ. 

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitative Exercises

The physical therapy program at Premier Care Chiropractic incorporates targeted exercises using specialized equipment to encourage recovery and help patients regain muscle strength, flexibility, and functionality after a knee injury. 

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chiropractic knee pain treatment Portland

FAQs About Knee Pain Chiropractic Treatment

Many times, the pain and severity of injuries is not immediately apparent after an accident. Often, the body reacts protectively during a car accident or other traumatic event. As a response, the body limits the range of motion while muscles brace for impact in an effect to guard your spine and internal organs. 

On one hand, you might not know you have sustained a knee injury until you attempt to move around. On the other hand, sometimes the effects of the injury are present right away.

At Premier Care Chiropractic, we recommend that individuals seek emergency medical care after sustaining an injury during an accident. 

Once you have been cleared by a medical professional to receive chiropractic care, you can come see us at Premier Care Chiropractic for chiropractic knee pain treatment in Portland. Then we can begin to formulate a treatment plan for you and get you on a speedy road to recovery. 

Yes, chiropractic treatment is safe for knee pain and knee injuries when conducted by one of the licensed and experienced chiropractors at Premier Care Chiropractic. 

To ensure that we exercise the utmost safety, several assessments will be conducted to ensure that your injury is suitable for chiropractic care. Premier Care Chiropractic commits to providing safe, effective, and risk-aware treatment options for all cases and clients.

We encourage all of our patients to speak freely about their concerns and ask questions. An open dialogue helps us all effectively communicate with one another to promote quality care. 

At Premier Care Chiropractic, your health and well-being are top priority. Schedule a consultation with one of our knowledgeable staff today. 

If you have sustained a knee injury from an auto accident, your chiropractic knee treatment in Portland is 100% covered, regardless of whether you were at fault during the accident. 

Oregon law requires that all insurance policies include personal injury protection (PIP) insurance. As a resident of Oregon, this law provides payment for all medical expenses of those who were injured.

We accept the following PIP insurance:

  • State Farm
  • Geico
  • USAA
  • Allstate
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Progressive
  • Safeco
  • Amica

Premier Care Chiropractors’ approach to knee pain and injury treatment aims to help you recover with minimal pain or limited mobility.

Chiropractic care treats knee injury and pain by: 

  • Identifying the cause of pain
  • Analyzing and responding to other root causes of discomfort
  • Targeting affected areas with techniques that promote healing and provide pain relief in shoulder muscles and tissues


Through various techniques like gentle alignment and mobilization of the knee, muscle stimulation, and massage therapy, our chiropractic professionals may help you find relief from pain, pressure, and tension while promoting blood flow and speeding up healing.

Other extensive palliative and healing approaches that are offered by Premier Care Chiropractic include:

  • Therapeutic exercises
  • Recommendations on lifestyle modifications
  • Acupuncture


We are the premier chiropractors in Portland. We are Premier Care Chiropractic.

The content in this blog should not be used in place of direct medical advice/treatment and is solely for informational purposes.